What is Energy vs Climate?

Energy vs Climate is a live, interactive webinar, a podcast, and occasional newsletter where energy experts David Keith, Sara Hastings-Simon and Ed Whittingham break down the trade-offs and hard truths of the energy transition in Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

Alberta is an oil and gas-rich province in a natural resource-dependent country with high environmental ambitions. It’s a “canary in the coal mine” for the collision between climate and jobs. But we hope it can serve as a model for successfully managing that disruption. 

Climate politics is too-often dominated by elite happy talk around IPCC targets. Yet, year after year, emissions have crept ever upwards. Now Greta is calling out the hypocrisy of boomers, rightly demanding that action replace talk.  

Energy vs. Climate is your no-nonsense discussion source for the nuanced reality we face. We’ll cover news and speak with guests from industry, government and civil society. You won’t always agree with us, but if you care about our energy future, this series is for you.

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Who are we?

David Keith has worked on energy and climate since 1990, when he switched out of physics. Now, he’s a prof at Harvard, and, in a detour from academia, he founded Carbon Engineering, a cleantech startup. 

Sara Hastings-Simon studies energy transitions at the intersection of policy, business, and technology. She’s a policy wonk, a physicist turned management consultant, and now a researcher at the Colorado School of Mines.

Ed Whittingham isn’t a physicist but he has worked on climate and energy for the past 20 years, first as head of the Pembina Institute, a Canadian clean energy think tank, and now as a consultant helping to develop and finance clean energy projects. He is also a mentor with the Creative Destruction Lab and a co-founder of the Academy for Sustainable Innovation Canada.

Energy vs Climate is a project of the Academy for Sustainable Innovation Canada.

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