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Energy vs Climate in the News - November 2021

Can’t get enough of Energy vs Climate? Then check out this month’s round-up of the show’s co-hosts in the news, below.

David Keith
Toward constructive disagreement about geoengineering - Nov 11 2021 - Science

Sara Hastings-Simon
The politics and reality of capping Alberta's oil and gas emissions - Nov 4 2021 - CBC

Where does hydrogen fit into Alberta's energy future? - Oct 30 2021 - CBC

‘I know the kind of future I want to see for Canada’: Meet six Canadians advocating for the planet - Oct 29 2021 - The Globe and Mail

Ed Whittingham
VIDEO: Alberta's Hydrogen Plans - November 7 - CTV News

Alberta energy experts talk climate crisis ahead of COP26 - Oct 29 2021 - CBC

Energy vs Climate
Even a climate crisis can't stop the world's appetite for burning coal - November 4 - CBC