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Energy vs Climate in the News - September 2022

Can’t get enough of Energy vs Climate? Then check out this month’s round-up of the show’s co-hosts in the news, below.

Sara Hastings-Simon‌‌
Heat pumps in Alberta may be greener, but is the weather too cold for them? - August 23 2022 - CBC

Canada and Germany sign green hydrogen agreement - August 23 2022 - Global News

Audio: LNG not a climate saver in just a few years. BC to drop 25% of driving in next 8 years: how! - July 21 2022 - The EcoCentric

Alberta government to extend $50 electricity rebate for 3 more months - July 5 2022 - Global News

Edmonton signs 20-year wind and solar contracts as part of net-zero goal - June 22 2022 - Global News

Using natural gas as a climate solution will become a climate problem - June 8 2022 - CBC

EXHIBIT: Lessons for the Future, a collection of immersive displays helping guests to learn about energy, its place in our world and what the future of energy transition looks like - Heritage Park, Calgary

David Keith
‌How to make it rain: Cloud seeding to combat drought - August 24 2022 - Deutsche Welle

Le MIT pense avoir la solution pour limiter un réchauffement climatique devenu incontrôlable - July 17 2022 - Futura Sciences

New panels want to talk ethics, rules of climate tinkering- June 6 2022 - Associated Press