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Energy vs Climate in the news - Feb 2021

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Sara Hastings-Simon

Feb 26 2021 Cancelling Keystone XL - Today Explained (Vox)

Feb 8 2021 Canada uniquely positioned to hit net-zero emissions in 2050 if it makes right moves now: report - CBC

Jan 27 2021 OPINION | Beyond Keystone XL, U.S. policy poses challenges for Alberta oil sector - CBC

David Keith

Feb 4 2021 How airlines are racing to curb rising carbon emissions - CBC

Feb 3 2021 Government must penalize using the atmosphere as a waste dump for carbon: David Keith - BNN Bloomberg

Ed Whittingham

March 6 2021 How natural gas is emerging as both villain and saviour in the climate change battle - CBC

March 2 2021 From pens to planters, this online store only sells items made partly from captured CO2 - CBC