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EvC Bonus Episode - Hot Topic: CARBON TAX

EvC Bonus Episode - Hot Topic: CARBON TAX

BONUS Podcast Episode!

Canada's consumer carbon tax policy has been getting a lot of press attention of late, especially following the $15/T increase that took affect on April 1, 2024. Much has been said about it across the political spectrum, some of it accurate, and some of it just plain wrong. David's away this month, so it's just Sara and Ed talking all things carbon tax with special guest Mark Jaccard.  

Show Notes:

00:06:20 – Low Carbon Fuel Standards in Canada 

00:08:37 – Designing flexible regulations to mitigate climate change: A cross-country comparative policy analysis

00:12:37 – Top Runner Programme 

00:14:36 – Choose Wisely - Options and Trade-offs in Recycling Carbon Pricing Revenues 

00:16:55 – Bridging the Gap: Real Options for Meeting Canada’s 2030 GHG Target 

00:19:13 – Assessing climate sincerity in the Canadian 2021 election

00:23:25 – Independent Assessment: 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan

00:32:22 – Rebates rise as carbon price increases to $80 per tonne

00:33:37 – Designing flexible regulations to mitigate climate change: A cross-country comparative policy analysis

00:36:57 – The Political Costs of Oil Price Shocks  

00:39:50 – Exploring Citizen Support for Different Types of Climate Policy

00:54:07 – Inside what ‘axe the tax’ means to Pierre Poilievre’s supporters: ‘He understands Canadians’

About Our Guest

Mark Jaccard has been a prof at Simon Fraser University since 1986 save a couple of sabbaticals serving as Chair and CEO of the British Columbia Utilities Commission. Mark has served on the IPCC, domestically on the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, and he’s a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and CD Howe Institute. His most recent book is the “The Citizen’s Guide for Climate Success,” published in 2021.

About Your Hosts:

Sara Hastings-Simon studies energy transitions at the intersection of policy, business, and technology. She’s a policy wonk, a physicist turned management consultant, and a professor at the University of Calgary and Director of the Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development.

Ed Whittingham is a clean energy policy/finance professional specializing in renewable electricity generation and transmission, carbon capture, carbon removal and low carbon transportation. He is a Public Policy Forum fellow and formerly the executive director of the Pembina Institute, a national clean energy think tank.

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