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Energy vs Climate in the news - May 2021

Can’t get enough of Energy vs Climate? Then check out this month’s round-up of the show’s co-hosts in the news, below.

Sara Hastings-Simon

AUDIO: Dutch court orders Shell to reduce carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 - May 28 2021 - CBC The Current

Alberta's financial standing downgraded by credit-rating firm due to COVID-19, oil prices - May 18 2021 - The Globe and Mail

AUDIO: Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector - May 18 2021 - C.D. Howe Institute Podcast

David Keith

PODCAST: #69: Coronavirus evolution; geoengineering and food supply; Alice Roberts on the revolution in archaeology - May 27 2021 - New Scientist Podcast

Model shows solar geoengineering may be surprisingly effective in alleviating impacts of global warming on crops - May 20 2021 - Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Sebastian Eastham, Sarah Doherty, David Keith, Jadwiga H. Richter, and Lili Xia. 2021. “Improving Models for Solar Climate Intervention Research.” Eos. Full Text VersionAbstract

Yuanchao Fan, Jerry Tjiputra, Helene Muri, Danica Lombardozzi, Chang-Eui Park, Shengjun Wu, and David Keith. 2021. “Solar geoengineering can alleviate climate change pressures on crop yields.” Nature Food, 2, 5, Pp. 373–381. Full Text VersionAbstractfan_et_al_2021_nature_food.pdf

David Keith and Peter Irvine. 2021. “The U.S. Can't Go It Alone on Solar Geoengineering.” Environmental Affairs: the Geopolitics of Climate Change, Policy Exchange. Full Text Version