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Energy vs Climate in the News - October 2022

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Can’t get enough of Energy vs Climate? Then check out this month’s round-up of the show’s co-hosts in the news, below, and don't miss EvC Season 4, Episode 4, IEA Energy Scenarios with IEA Chief Energy Economist Tim Gould, out now!

Sara Hastings-Simon‌‌
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RESEARCH CITED: IEA World Outlook 2022 - October 2022

Alberta to send delegation to COP27, distrusts Ottawa to represent energy sector - October 25 2022 - CTV News

Alberta made estimated $160M from Renewable Energy Program as power prices surged: U of C report - October 25 2022 - Calgary Herald

Varcoe: Alberta's new environment minister heading to COP27 climate summit, after province skipped last year - October 24 2022 - Calgary Herald

Made in Alberta' climate plan in the works: new Premier Danielle Smith - October 12 2022 - CTV News

David Keith
‌‌Climate geo-engineering: the benefits and risk of tech intervention - September 27 2022 - Top100Funds

White House is pushing ahead research to cool Earth by reflecting back sunlight - October 13 2022 - CNBC