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We're Nearly at our $5000 Annual Fundraising Goal

Energy vs Climate is a labour of love โ€“ we hosts don't draw a salary from the show because we feel strongly about the public service benefit of the project. But, we still have production costs. So, we're asking one last time for you to please consider making a one-time or monthly donation in our only annual donation campaign.

Thanks in part to last year's generous supporters, we are able to bring you excellent content like our latest episode with New York Times best-selling author Kim Stanley Robinson, or our in-depth breakdown of the role of oil and gas in a net zero world with Tim Gould of the IEA.

We're nearly at our goal of $5000 - you could help us get us over the finish line to keep Energy vs Climate on the air. We promise it'll be our last โ€œplease support usโ€ request this year.

Ed, Sara and David