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Energy vs Climate in the News - April 2022

Can’t get enough of Energy vs Climate? Then check out this month’s round-up of the show’s co-hosts in the news, below.

Sara Hastings-Simon‌‌
How Canada’s new carbon capture tax credit aligns (or doesn’t) with the latest climate science - April 20 2022 - The Narwhal

Are Individual Carbon Offsets Really Worth Buying? - April 20 2022 - Chatelaine

VIDEO: Why carbon pricing is more effective than offering carbon capture tax credits - April 7 2022 - BBN Bloomberg

AUDIO: Mission impossible/possible - April 1 2022 - West of Centre Podcast

Federal 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan gets mixed grade in Alberta - March 29 2022 - Global News

David Keith
‌This $1.5 billion startup promised to deliver clean fuels as cheap as gas. Experts are deeply skeptical. - April 25 2022 - MIT Tech Review

Dimming the Sun Could Be Climate Science’s Trolley Problem - April 20 2022 - The Atlantic

VIDEO: NOVA Examines New Climate Technologies that Aim to Cool the Planet - April 19 2022 - NOVA

‌Developing a Plume-in-Grid Model for Plume Evolution in the Stratosphere - March 21 2022 - Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems

‌An interactive stratospheric aerosol model intercomparison of solar geoengineering by stratospheric injection of SO2 or accumulation-mode sulfuric acid aerosols - March 4 2022 - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics